Expectantly or unexpectedly I am now 27 weeks pregnant (by the time this post goes up, I’ll be 28 weeks). Yay! I’m anxiously counting down the weeks because A. I want to meet my baby girl already and B. I feel like I’ve been pregnant FOREVER (found at 4 weeks)!

With that said, it wasn’t until this past Memorial Day Weekend, that it dawned on me. We only have 13 weeks left before she’s actually here! Thus heading into my third trimester, has made things are more Real. So to jazz things up,  here is my 27 weeks pregnancy update.

How Far Along: 27 Weeks and 7 days. The baby is the size of a cauliflower and weighs approximately weighs about 2 lbs. Lengthwise she’s about 14 1/2 inches long.

Development:  According to my baby app “Baby Center”, she’s sleeping in regular intervals and is opening and closing her eyes. She’s possibly sucking her fingers (I had this nasty habit well into school age) and her brain is becoming highly active. At this point in her life, her lungs are still premature but can function (with a lot of medical assistance- of course). She is most definitely active now! She’ll kick and punch right before I wake up and as soon as I am trying to fall asleep. She’ll even do this to let me know that it’s time to feed her!

Days until my due date: 85 days!

Medical Appointment: This week I had a follow up appointment with my OB and it was time for…THE Glucose Test! The dread exam that the majority of pregnant women despise. I was forewarned that the drink would taste nasty, so when I went in and drank it, I was surprised. It tasted like orange soda! I have not received the results nor a call, so I’m guessing no news is good news. Either way I’ll be calling to find out. In addition to the glucose test, I also had to provide a sample of my urine. At this point, it has become a routine to do this. My next follow up appointment is with in two weeks!

Image 6-3-18 at 3.32 PM (1)

Name: Honestly, as I said in my last blog post, this topic is rough. I thought I was set on a name, but now I’m not too sure about it. We have thrown a few choices around (family and friends know them), but we have come to a decision as of yet. It might just happen the day she graces this world with her presence.

Maternity: To be quite frank, I have yet to purchase any maternity clothes. One, because the weather is getting warmer so I can utilize the dresses and jumpsuits I already have in my closet. And two, I refuse to pay the exorbitant amount these stores charge for maternity clothes. The only thing that I have that is “maternity” wear, is the maternity band I bought at Babies R Us ( couldn’t find the link to the one I have, but this one from Target is similar to the one I actually own). In addition to the maternity band, I have the Snoogle (I got this for a nice discount! You can purchase this pillow at Buy buy baby and Target as well). Other than these two items, I’m currently still using regular clothes. I plan to do this until I can no longer fit into them.

Food Cravings: Now this may be weird, but I don’t crave anything in specific. The only thing that I am eating more of is sweets! I have a huge sweet tooth, so I don’t know if its the pregnancy or me being a bit more liberal with how much I consume of it.  

Wedding Ring:  It’s still on. Although there are moments throughout the day, where I noticed that my fingers and feet have swelled up. So we’ll see what happens.

Baby Goodies Acquired: She’ll be here in 13 weeks and all we have are a couple of onesies, a blanket, my old winnie the pooh winter suit (yes my mother saved it from when I was a baby and now she will get to use it too!), some accessories and a pair of leggings. To be honest, we have not really gone shopping for her. I feel that this is because we currently live in a one bedroom apartment and we’re still trying to figure out how we’re going to rearrange the room. As well as where are we going to place her clothes (she already has a drawer in our night stand lol), her bathroom necessities, diapers etc. I’m thinking that it would be a great idea for us to get a portable closet for her. That way she has her own closet and her things won’t be mingling with ours. In all fairness, I have no idea where to begin shopping for her.  

Image 6-3-18 at 3.32 PM

Image 6-3-18 at 3.34 PM

Best moment this week: A random woman in the parking lot came up to me and said “Wow, you have such beautiful skin”. Mind you, I have a blackhead on my face and one pimple on my chest (I know, I know. This is nothing compared to people who have serious acne, but coming from a girl who never gets them- It’s a big deal!)

Weight: Currently I’m playing around  159-161 lbs. This is such a bummer for me. Prior to get getting pregnant I was weighing at 167 and lost 37 pounds (so my weight was 130 pre pregnancy). Which brings us to our next topic.

Thoughts and Feelings: At the beginning of this pregnancy, I experienced a lot of fatigue. I was knocking out before 9pm! Then, I finally got my energy back and was feeling great! Now, I’m starting to feel tired all over again. Other than this, I haven’t had any morning sickness (though I have thrown up). I feel pretty great, but I can’t lie. I haven’t felt like myself nor comfortable every single moment of this pregnancy. Now, before the torches and pitchforks come out, you have to realize that although pregnancy is wonderful, sometimes it’s  simply not. There have been moments where I’ve cried because my husband ate the last piece of smoked salmon (I know I’m not supposed to eat, but it’s what I wanted to eat at the time…so…), or because I hurt myself with the door. And seeing my body morph and transform itself into what it is designed for, is great. However, it doesn’t mean that I’ve felt beautiful every single moment. Seeing my clothes no longer fit, has really bothered me. Like I mentioned before, I used to weight 130 lbs and I wa fit and able to exercise. Now, I’m currently heading back to my old weight and feeling lethargic. At time, I wish I could be like old myself, where I could keep up with my exercise routine or even walk up a flight of stairs without losing my breath.

I feel like this sentiment is felt by most pregnant women, but they just don’t voice it due to the lack of backlash they would potentially receive. I say that it’s ok to feel this way. Not everyday are we going to feel amazing and beautiful during this journey. It’s ok to voice that we’re not fine. This sentiment is also part of pregnancy. So don’t let others tell you otherwise! As I’ve said before, I’m trying to keep it as real with you as possible. I don’t want to paint a picture nor promote this idea that pregnancy is all rainbows and butterflies, because it most certainly isn’t. However, it’s a blessing to be able to create life and watch it grow in front of you. For me, pregnancy will probably be the best experience I’ll ever go through.  I’m excited to see what else awaits us in this journey. 

8 Replies to “27 Weeks Pregnancy Update”

    1. Thank you! Trust me I’m terrified as well (not so much labor but more so about breastfeeding). However, during this process, I’ve found strengthen in doing things that I’ve postponed for quite some time now.


  1. I really like the style of your pregnancy update and the way you’ve laid it out. Baby will soon be here before you know it, you’ll get figured out about where to put everything, things just seem to fall into place 🙂 enjoy the rest of your pregnancy lovely x

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  2. I cannot stress enough to you how much your post sounds like me!!! We could be the same person!!! Your weight is the same as mine (thereabouts) and your history with your weight is similar. How you feel about your body is image is ME right now, and the fear of putting it out there because of the backlash you might receive… Also, I read one of your responses to a comment someone else left about not being so much afraid of labour (I don’t feel too worried about this either – I’m practicing hypnobirthing) but of breastfeeding, because that’s definitely something I feel extreme pressure over!! Also!! You said you you’ve found strength and are doing things you put off… are we related?! Were we lost at our own births?! hahaha

    Sorry for coming across so strongly – I’m just so glad that someone out there is also feeling these things and trying to make it okay and normal to talk about it! Pregnancy can be so lonely sometimes when you want to express what’s going on but instead are made feel bad for it.

    Loved this post. Thank you! ❤

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    1. Hahaha I’m glad that my post resonated with you! No worries! It just means that I’m on write path when it comes to my post. I want to be raw and real as possible. And you’re right, pregnancy can be lonely, especially when you’re feeling like. Cause you see (or at least thats what they show) that everything is rainbows and unicorns, when its not. Don’t get me wrong, there majority of the time, I’m extremely happy that I’m creating life and theres going to be a little version of me and husband in this world. However, we should stop putting this notion that we can never feel sad, upset, angry or even disgusted by our bodies. It takes an emotional and psychological (body as well) toll on you. With the weight the thing, I always get the “oh you’ll lose once you start breastfeeding” and then I worry about breastfeeding and feeling judged if for whatever reason it doesn’t work out for me and the baby. Thats a whole different monster in it of itself.

      But I can’t deny, that because of her, I’ve started to look my finances differently (expect for today…went clothes shopping for her lmao) I feel that its great to have these types of conversations. ❤

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      1. Couldn’t agree with you more! Plenty of ups and plenty of downs… I’m not sure if maybe there’s a cultural difference or not, but in Ireland, you only ever hear the horror stories associated with pregnancy and I’m trying to be as positive as possible about it and only complain when necessary, but I also feel that it’s incredibly important to be real and genuine about what’s going on too! 27 weeks in myself now and FEELING it. Back is in bits!
        Trying to be much tighter on my own finances too but spent €70 online last night buying her zip-up onesies! Look into these! They are unheard of here but seem to be a life saver for most mums I follow on insta and youtube!

        Best of luck with you and yours!! Exciting times ahead all the same… I’m sure we’ll find common ground in motherhood as well as pregnancy! ❤


      2. Here in the states you hear a few horror stories, but you mostly hear about “oh its wonderful. You’ll be glowing”, meanwhile you feel and look like a tractor trailer ran you over 😂 I feel like its best to show both sides of pregnancy. I was doing well with savings and then I went out and bought two bags worth of clothes for the baby lol Its a work in progress. Thank you for your well wishes! I agree, that we’ll most likely find a common ground in motherhood as well. Best of luck to you as well! ❤


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