Non Maternity Clothes Tips for Dressing the Bump

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Are you finally busting out of your pre- pregnancy pants? Are your dresses becoming your best friend? Are you looking at your closet and saying “Nothing fits anymore!!! {Enter expletive here}” Yeah, I’ve finally reached that point in my pregnancy where I pray to Mother Nature to please send us some sunshine and warm weather, so that I can wear the loose fitting clothes. Cause lets face it, pants + baby+ full bladder+ plus one key for the entire office to use the bathroom = one unhappy mother. 

At 28-29 weeks, I’ve been able to stay away from a maternity clothes and fortunate enough to still be able to wear my regular clothes. I’ve been asked by a few people what I’ve been shopping for, and how I choose items that will work for me (especially since I work in a office). So I thought it would be fun to share a blog post about how I’ve been able to wear non maternity clothes during pregnancy so far!

Before we jump in, I would like to say that you can’t forgo all maternity clothes. There are a few key pieces that you may need and can definitely splurge on. It just all depends on what your preferences are and fast the baby is growing. So without further adieu, here are some of my tips! 

Dresses Dresses and did I mention Dresses! 

Lately I’ve been living in dresses and honestly it has been a life saver! There are plenty of of non maternity dresses that you can use throughout your pregnancy. In my experience I haven’t had to size up that much. It all depends on the style and the material of the dress. For example, I purchased this black and white polka dot dress from Francesca’s. Because of the style, I was able to get away with a size small.

Black polka dress- Francescas

Now, there are other dresses that I’ve purchased where I’ve had to size up at least two sizes. This is because the material doesn’t stretch or doesn’t have enough material. These would typically be your form fitting dresses. However, personally I’ve find it adorable to wear form fitting dresses, just because you get to show your belly! 

Forever 21 green causal pregnancy dress

Other types of dresses that you can wear are maxi and stretchy waistline dresses.

Old navy waistline pregnancy dress

They provide the comfort and the freedom needed during your pregnancy 

Maternity Pants or Maternity band?

Now, if you work in the corporate world or in an office type setting like I do, you can’t escape the inevitable… work pants. In this case, I would suggest purchasing pants with the elastic band or buying the band separately, so that you can use it with the existing pants thats already in your closet.  The band that I’ve  purchased from Baby’s r us has been a key player in wardrobe during the winter and early spring months here in the Tri-state area.   I do believe that investing in one or the other (or maybe both) is vital. 

Further Recommendations 

  1. Always remember to size up. Seem simple enough, no? But sometimes we tend to stick to our usual sizes, forgetting that we have a little person inside. 
  2. Long sweaters, tunics and shirts are your best friend! They go with literally everything. Shorts, jeans, joggers, sweats, works pants etc! 
  3. Some short advise: buy ones that have an elastic band! It will give you enough room  and you won’t overheat during the summer months.  
  4. Shoes? You may or may not have a different shoe size during your pregnancy (due to swelling). My suggestion would be, is to buy comfy and well supported shoes! I made the mistake of wearing these sandals that had no support whatsoever and I regretted it by the end of the day. Also, it would be wise to have at least one pair of slip on shoes. As you get bigger, you won’t be able to bend down and to put your shoe on.  Slip ons take away that hassle, plus there are really cute mules and sandals coming out this summer!
  5. Try things on! You never how an item will look on you if don’t. Online shopping can be tricky as you’ll most likely be playing Russian roulette, but if you’re in the store, take of advantage of the changing rooms!

Hopefully you’ve found these recommendations helpful! What are some your tips? I would love to hear them, so please comment below! 


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