Baby Registry Items- Essential items for first time Mommies

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If you’re expecting a baby, you’re most likely stressing over what to register for and what your baby actually needs. There are so many things you need for a baby and so many brands and products, that it makes creating a registry somewhat difficult.  At least thats how my husband and I felt when we were setting up these registries. As first time parents, we have no idea what to look for nor what to get. Which is why I feel that we went overboard with our registries.

Now, I thought I would share my experience in creating these registries and some tips on how to get some free samples from major retailers. Depending on how long this post is, it might be a two part series.


Our first registry was done at Target. The one thing that was highly disappointing, was that our local Target did not have a variety (as seen in the pictures below). There was barely any cribs, bassinets, swings and bath time items etc. In addition,  we were unable to find clothing items for the fall and winter. I understand that we’re approaching the summer and these items would be limited (or none at all), but even their online selections was abysmal. This made me freak out, because as I mentioned before, by the time she’s 6-9 months, winter will be in full effect. However, we made due with what we had.

We ended up selecting the bigger items from here as we didn’t want them to be shipped. Plus, our older relatives aren’t used to using computers, so we thought that this would be much easier for them (they can go in stores and physically purchase the items).


baby crib target


baby dresser target


Fisher price Swing
Cradle ‘n Swing

Nursery Organizer:

Baby Furniture
Munchkin Nursery Organizer

In addition to these items, we also ended up getting your basic necessities such as: bottles, wipes, diapers, diaper bags, covers, sheets, bottles etc. Basically, everything that you can think of and more.

Now what I’m most excited for are these next two items:

I’ve heard amazing things about the DockATot and thus I wanted to give it a try. I think that it will be extremely useful when we go and visit family or when we’re just relaxing at home. Next is the Graco Verb Connect Travel System. I’ve been debating about whether or not we should buy these items separately or just bite the bullet and purchase the travel system. We decided that a travel system would be best for us and once she out grows the car seat, we would just purchase a new one.

Honorable mentions:


Oh Amazon! You are a blessing and a curse at the same time. It is here that I went overboard, especially in the clothes department. In addition to that, we also added a shopping cart cover, a bathtub and kneeler, baby car seat mirror, more diapers & wipes, safety gadgets and monitor and a few toys. Here are some of the items:

Amazon Honorable mentions:

Lastly,  we created a registry with Buy Buy Baby. We mainly did this to compare prices between all three retailers and to see if they had anything else that we had missed. The majority of the items are duplicates from the previous registries (just different sizes, brands and colors)

Further recommendations:


  • Crib Mattress Pad
  • Crib Mattress Pad (2): in case theres an accident
  • Changing Pad Cover
  • Bassinet, Moses basket, or Co-Sleeper
  • Hampers: in my opinion their clothes need to be separate from ours
  • Diaper Pail: When I used to baby sit, this was God sent! Now that I’m having a baby of my own, this is a MUST!


  • Bottles: You will need them whether you breastfeed or not. Unfortunately, you can’t always be present with your child, so having a bottle is key. In addition, there will never be enough bottles, so make sure to register for more than than what you think. We’ve registered for different brand bottles such as: Dr. Browns, Mam and Avent Bottles.
  • Bottles brushes: A regular sponge won’t due when it comes to cleaning your baby’s bottle. Having a brush will make cleaning them a breezy.
  • Sterilizer: useful when it comes to cleaning bottles
  • Bottle warmer: I don’t know if this will come in handy or not, but we thought we give it a shot. Here is an option: Avent 
  • Breast pump and Accessories: I didn’t register for one because you can obtain a pump via your insurance for free. However, I did register for a few accessories such as storage bags.
  • High Chair: We opted to not have a high chair. We figure that we can purchase this once we have a bigger space.

For Mommies:

  • Nipple cream: You may end up getting cracked nipples. So in order to prevent this from happening, nipple creams will be your best friend.
  • Pads: After nine months of not having your period, it will come back with a vengeance.
  • Nipple Pads: Prevents the leaks from your nipples from going through your clothes.
  • Stool Softeners: I’ve experience a lot of contispation throughout my pregnancy. I was recommend by my OB to take Sennakot pills in order to alleviate my issue. But please speak with your provider before purchasing this. You want to make sure that you’re not putting your baby in any harms way.

On a closing note, if your are planner freak like me, there are plenty of baby checklist on Pinterest. Here is a checklist what we used when creating the registries, that you may find helpful yourself:

Baby Chick's checklist

Let me know if I’ve missed any items that you think are essential or would benefit from. On the next post, I’ll be sharing how you can get free swag from Target, Amazon and Buy Buy Baby. Until next time.




5 Replies to “Baby Registry Items- Essential items for first time Mommies”

      1. Absolutely… when I was pregnant, every now and then I would google for the products I would need after having baby..I liked your post and very helpful for first time moms..😊


      2. Theres so much information to digest that can make everyone go a bit crazy. Who knew that babies needed a lot to survive. Aside from this, we also tend to forget that we too need to take care ourselves in order to be there 100% for our newborns. I feel like even after she’s born, I’ll still google for products that may be need lol


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