How to get Free (or nearly free) Stuff for your baby and yourself

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When people tell you that babies are expensive, they aren’t kidding! You have their baby gear, sports, clubs, lesson…college! Its no wonder that when you get the news that you’re pregnant, you start to panic. But fear not! If you do your research ahead of time and correctly, you can definitely find amazing deals. So if you’re on a tight budget or just want free swag, this is the post for you!


Basically everyone and their mommas shop at Target, so why not benefit from having your registry here as well? All you have to do is a create a registry, go to your local Target  and request a free welcome bag at the Guest Services Desk. In the bag you’ll find a lot of different products such as bottles (2 different brands), one diaper (from Pampers), baby lotions, nursing pads, milk storage bags, a pacifier and baby wipes. It also includes a booklet of coupons for future purchases. Psst… heres another secret, you can get multiple  bags if you go to different Target locations. I went to two different Targets and got the bags without a problem. This is because they never checked off my name (they also didn’t check to see if I actually even had a registry).

Buy Buy Baby:

This is another retailer where you create a registry and ask for a welcome bag at their Guest Services Desk. Now, their welcome bag is not well stocked as Target, but its still useful. Included in the bag is the following: a diaper, wipes, coupons, nursing pads and milk storage bags.


Amazon Welcome Box

Out of all of the welcome boxes/bags, Amazon has to be the most wanted and best bang for your buck. To take advantage of these great deals, you must be an amazon prime member, purchase an item that is valued at $10 (items has to be from your registry. The $10 does not include tax and shipping) and have a completed baby registry. Once these steps have been completed, you can then order your welcome box.  During the trial period, you’ll also receive 20% off diapers and wipes, free 2-day shipping on everything (just like any Prime member), and a 15% off registry completion coupon, which can save you hundreds on some of the more expensive baby gear on your list. Now, each box is different but its definitely well worth it! I just completed all of these steps and currently I’m just waiting for my item to come in the mail. I honestly can’t wait for welcome box to come in!
Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial

Aside from these major retailers offering these Welcome boxes, there are other companies that offer a free trial period, free products (with certain codes. Just pay shipping and handling) and reward programs.

  • The Honest Company: They have a free trial period with two options. One is Diaper & Wipe bundle. While the other one is called the Essential Bundle.  The Diaper and Wipes Bundle includes: 7 Diapers and 10 wipes. The Essential Bundle includes: 5 personal care and home cleaning items:
    • Shampoo + Body Wash
    • Face + Body lotion
    • Multi surface cleaner
    • all purpose balm
    • Hand Soap
    • You do have to pay for shipping and handling and you would have to cancel the subscription before being charged for the next shipment.
  • Similac Strong Moms: Currently they’re holding weekly giveaways for the next 40 weeks. The weekly giveaways include:
    • $1,000 buybuy BABY gift card
    • $50 Gift of College gift card
  • Pampers Rewards: It’s a loyalty program via their mobile app. You can collect points every time you purchase any of their products. Earn enough and you can convert the points for rewards and savings.
  • I’ve never heard of this company until I searched on google for “Free baby stuff”, but I’m glad that I found them! Noobie Box, is a free pregnancy box for new mommies or expecting mothers filled with products, coupons and health information for both you and the baby. The pregnancy box is free, the only thing you pay for is for the shipping. In addition to the pregnancy box, they also offer the baby boxes that are curated for every milestone your baby hits. Each of these boxes have 5 full size products that are selected to fit the age range of your child. I’m totally excited to receive my pregnancy box as I don’t know what kind of products will be sent. Eventually, I’ll venture into their baby boxes as well!
    • As you guessed it, you can customize any pacifier on their site to your liking.
  • UdderCovers: Nursing covers
  • Breast Pads:Better to be prepared than sorry! Get your nipple covers right here! They have cute designs as well as your basic black and nudes ones.
    • Self explanatory. Leggings for your baby and they’re adorable!! They come in a variety of colors and prints.

I would like to mention that the last four websites have the items for free when you use certain codes. The only thing you have to pay for is the shipping . Which that can vary from state to state. Lastly, the codes are not mine nor am I affiliated with them in any way shape or form. As I mentioned previously, while searching for free items, I stumbled upon these sites and codes. However, the owners of these codes may or may not receive commission if you do decide to use them.

Codes For Custom Pacifiers, Baby Leggings, Udder Covers and Breast pads:

  • 1FrugalGirl
  • Penny1

Lastly, I would like to mentioned that you can also find free stuff at your OBGYN office (via raffles or samples) and on social media via giveaways. Primarily Instagram. There are plenty of people with huge platforms, who are conducting giveaways and such.

For example, Mila Patrica Bowtique Instagram Giveaway:

Mila Patrica Boutique is a handmade nylon headbands and hair clips for babies and adults. I fell in love with her work and when I saw that she was having a giveaway, you bet my little behind was all up in it. Fortunately for baby girl, we won! We ended up getting the bows in about week and I’m telling you, I’m in LOVE!  She has her own Esty shop, where you can see the different styles, sizes and colors. When you have the chance check her out! You won’t be disappointed.

OBGYN Raffle: When my husband and I decided to attend a pregnancy basic class, we had no idea that they would have a raffle (free photography session for newborns) going on. We entered it not thinking much about it. A week later, I receive a call from the photography studio, informing me that we were the second prize winners. So lo’ behold, she won a free photography session!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading this post and the freebies! I’ll try to keep an eye out for any that come my way and I’ll update you guys on both the Amazon and Noobie boxes!

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