32 weeks pregnancy update

The count down has began. I’m 32 weeks and I’m definitely feeling sluggish, huge and tired. Its getting to the point where I need assistance getting in and out of bed. I can’t even bend down to pick up something off the floor. I’ve basically been Macgyvering every aspect of my life for the last couple of weeks (and will probably continue to do so after birth).  But before I start spilling the tea about how I’m feeling, here are some baby updates!

How Far Along: 32 Weeks and 6 days. The baby is the size of a Jicama and weighs approximately weighs about 3 3/4 lbs. She should be about 16.7  inches long, which is about a foot (I had to looks this up. I stink at conversions). Honestly, I was hoping that my OB would have done an ultrasound at last week’s appointment, but it didn’t happen.  

Development:  At this point, she should have toenails, fingernails and some peach fuzz aka hair.  The baby is also “fattening” up in order to survive in the outside world. At least this is all according to the Baby Center app. I love this app because it keeps me up to date with her possible developments as well as what could I expect during the pregnancy.  

Days until my due date: 51 days!

Medical Appointment: Last week I had my 31 week appointment. Truth be told, my appointments have been boring since we found the gender and did the glucose test. I guess its a good thing that my appointments are mostly just in and out. That just means that there is nothing abnormal with baby girl. The only thing that was different at this appointment was that I got the TDap shot (protects against: pertussis/whooping cough, tetanus and diphtheria). Not going to lie, my arm is still pretty sore from it. 

Maternity: No new maternity items. I’m honestly more worried about making sure she has what she needs, that I’m neglecting myself. Eventually, I’ll purchase nursing bras, sleeping attire, Always depends (postpartum) and any other necessities that come to mind. 

Baby Goodies Acquired: In the last three weeks, we have been flooded with various baby items. Aside from the free items I was able to acquire (check out my previous posts: How to get free (or nearly free) stuff for your baby and yourself  and Amazon & Noobie Welcome Box  for further details), some of my friends have been shipping us clothes, crib sheets and a CRIB!  I will forever be thankful to them, because its not every day that friends purchase an item for your baby, let alone crib and several outfits. We’re blessed and thankful to have such great friends that care for us and our baby. In addition to receiving said items, my husband has built the crib and the nursery organizer. Thus, we now have space to put all of her bottles, diaper wipes and other samples away. The crib still needs some work (we need a mattress) but we’ll get there!  

Best moment this week: Eating a Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s. 

Weight: Currently I’m playing around  164-165 lbs. 

Stretch-marks:  Ok….. I was fine with this until this past weekend. I was laying in bed when my husband comes in and says “you have a few stretch marks babe”. Which in my head I knew, but he was referring to new stretch marks. My mistakes was asking to see them. He takes a picture and to my horror and its those red lines, going up and down certain areas of my belly. Immediately I began to cry. “I knew I would get stretch marks, but I don’t want THOSE!!!”  I cried for 10 minutes and all my husband kept saying “I shouldn’t have mentioned anything. I feel guilty now. Babe you’ll be fine. I don’t mind stretch marks”. Its comforting to know this, but it still doesn’t take away the pang and sting of having these of stretch marks. I honestly felt, ugly for the first time in the entire pregnancy. And as dramatic as it sounds, thats I how felt (still do but I forget that I have them because can’t see them). So this pregnant millennial is slapping even more coco butter on her belly and has kicked her beauty routine into high gear. 

Thoughts and Feelings: The last 3-4 weeks have been rough and I have expressed that in previous posts. However, this week was a little lighter and I was able to find myself enjoying my pregnancy once again. The amount of love that has been shown to us has been amazing and I highly believe that this had an impact on my week. Work is still as stressful as ever, but I keep telling myself to just keep pushing and things will eventually work out. Lately, I’ve been having issues falling asleep and eating. I literally have three bites of my food and bam. Full as can be! When its time for bed, she turns into Rambo and starts flailing her arms and legs. Which is a good sign…it just makes it harder for mommy to fall asleep and get up for work the next day haha. 

Looking Forward to: World Cup 2018! I’m sorry, but I’m such a football fan and I will fully blame it for having a heart attack. The games have been intense to say the least. In addition, I’m semi planning the baby shower. Traditionally, this is done by friends and family members of said pregnant lady, but due to certain circumstances (like logistics), it’s best that I have some input. Although I don’t know the date, I have contacted a decorating company  in order show them what I like and dislike. We will be working on the guest list, which my husband estimates that there will probably be about 80 people. Unlike most baby showers, ours will be co-ed and will most likely transition from a baby shower to a family party by the end of the night haha. 


  • How did the end of your pregnancy go?
  • Were you nervous/anxious/ready to be done?
  • What are some of the items that you packed in your hospital bag?

As always, thank you for reading and for following along! 

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