Hi everyone! This post is going to be about the products that I’ve been using during my pregnancy. Although the majority of these products are pregnancy friendly, they can also work for non pregnant women too! This post goes hand in hand with “Pregnancy-Proofing your beauty routine“.  So without further adieu, lets dive in.

*Disclaimer: I am in no shape or form a skincare expert. I’ve just found these products by chance or have been assist by sale representatives who are knowledgeable about them.*

I’m all about hydrating my skin no matter what season it is. Clinique’s moisturizing gel has been in my routine forever! It hydrates well without leaving my face all greasy looking.


Another Clinique product that has become a favorite of mine has been the Moisture Surge 72 hour auto-replenishing hydrator. For the last couple of years my under eye has been significantly dry. I’ve tried everything in the book, until I came across Natthill’s blog (NattFashion.com). She did a review on this product and so I decided to go and purchase it. I have not regretted since!

These days, I’m trying to keep my makeup routine at a minimum.  I’ve reduced it to just some eyeliner, lip sticks (liquid lipstick as well), tinted moisturizer and mascara. For on the go days, I prefer to use liquid liner as it’s quick to apply to the lid. My only requirements for them is to be jet black and noticeable. I purchased the LA girl Fineline long lasting fine tip liquid eyeliner. To be honest, I have a love-hate relationships with this liner. It’s dark and applies easily when I have eye makeup done. But if I only apply it to my bare skin (that has been moisturized) it quickly becomes unnoticeable. It smudges and moves all over the place, giving you the raccoon eyes. I’ve learned to work with it but will I repurchase it again? Probably not.

Last but certainly not least are three lip colors that I’ve been obsessing over these last few weeks! First up is the NYX Lingerie Bedtime flirt. I usually don’t gravitate towards nudes since they do make me look washed out, but when I saw this on the Small Things blog, something in me said “give it a try”. I’m glad I did, because now it’s a go to lip color whenever I’m running late for work. It’s gives just right amount nude without making me look like a zombie. The NYX Lingerie line has other colors should Bedtime Flirt not be the right shade for you.

Next up are two bright and summer time friendly shades! Dose of Color in Bittersweet and Venezia by Stila. Now these shades are more up my alley as I tend to go for more bold and bright colors. I usually grab one these whenever I just want to have a bright lip or running late. They’re liquid lipsticks and truth be told, a little goes a long way. Plus, the touch ups are literally none existent. Whenever I’ve decided to wear either of them, I have the color on my lips for the rest of the day! That to me is God sent!

Recently, I’ve purchased new products from LUSH (Toner, masks and a sample moisturizer) and Olehenriksen Truth Serum. However, I’ve only been using them for about 5 days. I would like to use them for another few weeks before sharing my opinions with you. 

As of now, this is my makeup and skincare routine. I can only imagine that my skin will change in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and after. As it does, I will update you guys on what I’m currently using. 

3 Replies to “My Pregnancy Beauty Routine”

  1. I love the NYX lingerie liquid lipsticks! I use them all the time and they are amazing. Great post. 💛

    I have a new post on my blog if if you’d like to check it out. aestheticvogue.com 💗✨


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