This past weekend we headed out to to the East End of Long Island and landed on Pindar Vineyards. Pindar Vineyards is one of the many vineyards out here in Long Island’s Wine Country. Like many of it’s other competitors, Pindar Vineyards offers wine tasting, live music, food trucks and other events.

So what makes Pindar Vineyards different from the rest? Sunflowers. Thats right, Sunflowers. Pindar Vineyards has been growing Sunflowers for nearly 30 years now. It has become a hot spot for many tourists who come from near and far just to view them. Since we live near by, we decided to make the trip ourselves. Here are some of the pictures we took. Hope you enjoy them!

He was inspecting the flower lol

Pindar Vineyards

This is what happens when someone is tired of taking pictures of you  😭

He wouldn’t let me cut the sunflowers

*FYI, you can purchase the sunflowers for just $2 a stem. If you’re ever in NYC or Long Island, check out Pindar Vineyards. The sunflowers are in full bloom until mid August.**

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