Since this is my first pregnancy, I had no idea what to pack in her hospital bag. I searched online and on Pinterest, just to get an an idea of what would be a necessity and would be considered “extra” or “luxury”. Now, this differs from Mom to Mom and of course from country to country. But I’m sure the basics are all the same. In my previous post, I gave a general checklist of items that are essential (Here’s the post:“Hospital Bag Checklist” ).

Here’s what I packed:

  1. Baby girl’s going home outfits. Yes outfits. You never if there’s going to be any mishaps or if the weather is going to change (most of the clothing in her bag is from Target. The others are from Carters and Amazon).
  2. Amazing Baby Muslin Swaddle  from Amazon Welcome Box 
  3.  3 pairs of mittens-  (same brand, different style)
  4. shower towel– I’m sure the hospital provides one but just in case
  5. 3 pairs of socks – Socks tend to magically disappear
  6. Newborns sock shoes
  7. 3 hats- Cloud Island
  8. 2 sample lotions from Aveeno
  9. Hand sanitizer- no germs on my baby!
  10. Footie pjs or outfits
  11. Changing pad (came with diaper bag)
  12. 2 pacifiers- Nuk (same brand, but not the same product)
  13. Diaper bag/backpack
Fisher Price Diaper Bag


Theres about 8 outfits here… I think she’s set
Left to Right: Newborn outfit from Target, 3 month outfit from Carters, 3 month outfit from Target (ballerina) and Amazon jogger set (0-6 months)
Gerber onesises, cloud island mittens & hats and Target shoes
Left to Right: Cloud Island Towel, Aveeno lotion, Hand Sanitizer, Nuk Pacifiers, Amazing Baby Muslin Swaddle

There are couple of things missing such as burps cloths, diapers, wipes, boppy pillow, car seat and insurance cards. Most of these items will be given at the Hospital, such as the diapers, wipes, receiving blankets and maybe some burp cloths. Since we have yet to have the baby shower, we do not have the boppy pillow and car seat ( I know! We’re cutting real close with the baby shower). Once we have the shower, we’ll add in the missing items.

As for the insurance cards, well that’s a whole different beast here in the US. I could write a entire post about the healthcare system in the US and how complicated it is to navigate, let alone even have it . Personally, I can’t afford to have my child on my insurance. So we are looking into other alternatives so that she can be insured and see her pediatrician ( which is something we also don’t have). But I digress.

As of now, I feel that her bag is ready to go. It’s all just a matter of time at this point. On the other hand, my hospital bag barely has the necessity. But that’s because I’ve left myself for last and wanted her things to be ready before mine. Which is a sentiment that most mothers have (in my opinion). I’ll share what’s in my hospital bag in the next blog post or so. So be on the look out for that.

Let me know what items you packed for your baby’s hospital bag and if you’re interested in seeing what she received at her baby shower.


*Update: My sister has bought us the Graco® Verb Click Connect Travel System.  This means that we’ll have a car seat ready to go now! Thank you sis!*

*Disclaimer: A few of these links are Amazon Affiliate links. I may or may not receive commission if you chose to purchase said items. *


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