Theres only so much that you can prepare for or at least attempt to. If pregnancy has taught me anything, is that you’ll never be prepared…period. But that still doesn’t stop us from trying. I guess thats just the natural extinct of humans, to always want to be prepared for whats to come. There are thousands of Hospital Bags Checklists (my posts included), listing what are considered essentials. In my quest to find what would be crucial during labor and delivery, I noticed that some listed what seemed to be the bare minimum, while others had some impractical and just plain unnecessary items (there was one checklist that had a portable speaker).

After sifting through what seemed like an endless pile of checklists, I was able to create a list that was happy medium. I want to have everything that will make my stay comfortable but also not feel excessive (after all you’ll be in there for about 2-4 days). So without further ado, here is my hospital bag.

Leather bag from Macy’s

Hospital Bag for Mom: 

  • Birthing plan- I made two copies, just in case one gets lost.
  • Nipple pads– your milk may come in during your stay
  • Nipple Cream– preparing for the worst
  • Nursing Bras- I have severals different styles of nursing bras, mostly in the color black (one is beige).
  • Robe- useful for when visitors come or to cover up your bum while you’re walking the halls of the hospital. I got mine from Walmart. 
  • Sweats and Tee shirt- I figure this would be my going home outfit. When it comes to clothing, I honestly just want to feel comfortable
  • Socks (2)- to keep my feet warm
  • Pajamas– black and white polka dots. As you can see theres a theme here…black and polka dots. FYI make sure to check the size of the pants as well as the shirt. I didn’t do this and ended up with an XL pants & and a medium shirt.
  • Hair ties
  • Bath towel
  • Slippers- to walk around- item is no longer available in store.
  • Toiletries- toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner or dry shampoo, perfume
  • Makeup- now this will be kept to a minimum i.e. eyeliner, lipstick and tinted moisturizer
  • Important documents- Photo ID, Insurance cards, credit cards, cash etc
  • Charger & Phone
  • Snacks
  • Depends– Back up if the hospital mesh underwear don’t work out
  • Dermaplast- heard this was great for after vaginal birth- I’ll keep y’all posted
  • Rubber Slippers- I refuse to shower barefoot

I kept my clothing items simple and mostly in the dark range color scheme. I figure that it will be blood bath (before and after) and it would behoove me to use dark colors so that the stains don’t show up. The only thing that is still up for debate is purchasing a separate pillow to bring to the hospital. Hospital pillows are awful but I also don’t want to purchase a pillow for just one stay. Knowing myself, I’ll most likely end up buying one.

Left to Right: old sweat pants & tee shirt, 2 sets of socks, robe, pajama sets and Victoria’s Secrets Slippers
Left to right: Shampoo and conditioner, hair ties, nipple covers and bath towel

Top to Bottom: Walmart Nursing bras ( black) and Kindred Bravely French Terry Bra
Kindred Bravely French Terry Bra

Is there anything else you would add to this list?

Please share your must-have items with everyone in the comments below!

Side Note: I’m super excited to have the Kindred Bravely nursing bra! I’ve heard rave reviews about them and just needed to try them out! The nursing bra that I’m super excited for is the French Terry Racerback from Kindred Bravely.  I’ve heard amazing things about this brand and decided to purchase an item. I originally purchased the bra via amazon (I’m impatient and did not want to wait 5 days for shipping). However, when the day of delivery came, the package went missing. Amazon said it had delivered it but I never received the package. I attempted to obtain a replacement, but amazon could not offer me that option since they are not the owners of said product. So the best that they could do was refund me the money (which I was not

Their customer service is phenomenal! The great part of Kindred Bravely, is that they are a company that is fully run by stay at home moms! Their mission and values are to be grateful, be generous, be brave, and be encouraging. Which lets be honest, we as moms need! Once I got the bra, I immediately tried it on. Its the most soft and comfortable thing I’ve put on! Plus, its made for sleeping, so that to me is huge deal!  I can’t wait to fully start using the bra once the baby is here!

Disclaimer: A few of these links are Amazon Affiliate links. I may or may not receive commission if you chose to purchase said items.

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