Our Rustic Rose Gold & Pink Baby Shower

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This past weekend we had a coed celebration for our baby girl with some of our very thoughtful and generous friends and family! Now, in the Hispanic culture (at least in the US), coed baby showers have been a thing for quite some time. Or at least in my family it has been.  The theme that kept reoccurring in my mind for the baby shower, was rustic with a pink and rose gold twist. The aesthetic of this theme just screamed baby shower to me. Plus, I’m just biased to anything rustic and rose gold.


Rustic Baby Shower

Rose Gold Letter board

Our shower was held at my husband’s uncle’s backyard. The backyard is enormous and we’re beyond grateful that he allowed us to use it. That day it was a rainy mess in the early hours. Thankfully, we rent out tents and no one got wet (even though by the time the shower started, the sun was out).


crown and baby shoes

baby moccasins

baby shower sign

Baby shower centerpiece
The lovely centerpieces… minus the beer of course.

I honestly can’t get over at the amount of effort that Mia’s Party Decorations put into creating our magical baby shower. My jaw literally dropped when we arrived – I thought the gorgeous display was not possible, but they nailed the look I had envisioned.

Believe it or not, this is my grandmother and soon to be great grandmother of 3!

We’ll be forever grateful to those came, sent gifts and love to our baby girl! It was such a lovely day and it turned out amazingly! I will cherish these memories + photos forever and ever! I hope this has helped given you some ideas if you are planning your own baby shower! Let me know in the comments if you would like to see the items we were gift as well as the ones we’re excited to use.




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