My Pregnancy Food Diary: 3rd Trimester

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So a few weeks ago I asked on my InstaStories if people were interested in what I was eating in the last few weeks. I received  a positive response and so I decided to document the last few days, what I’ve been eating. On some days, I’ve been eating healthy and all of the right stuff. But on most days… yeah not so much. So here is what you should eat while pregnant vs. what I am actually eating.

What you should avoid: 

  1. Undercooked eggs
  2. Deli meats- unless cooked
  3. Alcohol 
  4. Raw Fish
  5. Swordfish, king mackerel and shark are all not recommended for pregnant women (high in mercury)
  6. Caffeine- this is debatable but you can definitely discuss this with your OB, doula, mid wife or medical provider.
  7. Soft cheeses like Brie- unless cooked

What you should eat: 

  1. Nuts
  2. Yogurt 
  3. Lentils 
  4. Lean meats
  5. Grains
  6. Avocado
  7. Fruits
  8. Fiber
  9. Leafy Greens

Now be prepared to be some what shocked to see what I’ve been eating in the last 3-4 weeks in my pregnancy: 

Now this day, I wasn’t completely bad. Mostly healthy.
I was running late this day and didn’t have time to eat breakfast. Luckily theres a deli downstair. Unfortunately, I had turkey slices, toasted bread with butter and nesquick.
On this day, I was really craving a sandwich. I had the ginger ale due to feeling a bit queasy.
For dinner, I had udon noodles with shrimp tempura soup. It was mostly healthy.
Fried with Panko bread crumbs- Shrimp, sweet potatoes, onions, broccoli and a cherry
On this day, I gave into the power of pizza and soda. Which I had given up over a year and half ago.

*Said pictures were taken on different days and in different weeks*

The reason why I felt that I should document what I’ve been eating is because

  1. To keep a record and monitor of what I ate so that I can make healthier choices in my next meals (in that same day).
  2. Because I figured that there must other pregnant who don’t per se follow to the T what they should be actually eating. Sometimes its hard to do so especially when all you want to eat is cake, candy, burgers, fries, fried pickles and other weird cravings.   Or if you can’t hold anything down due to morning sickness or other issues. I so wanted to be that pregnant woman who only gained 25 pounds and never ate junk food. It just didn’t happen for me and that is ok. 

At the end of the day, your best pregnancy diet isn’t about calorie counting or eating perfectly, it’s about listening to your body. Balance. Have a healthy breakfast but treat yourself to that twinkie too. 

How about you? Did you follow a strict nutrition plan or did you cave into cravings?

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