I love reminiscing about my baby shower. It was a day that was filled with love, excitement and anticipation. Although most were expecting for us to reveal the name our baby, we unfortunately did not do so. Mainly because we still have not decided what to name her ( I know! I’m literally days away from giving birth to her and she still has no name). We were thrilled to share the day with all of our loved ones and friends. The outpour of love and support was amazing.

As I was opening the gifts, I couldn’t help but imagine how we would be organizing and setting up our bedroom/nursery with everything that we received. There are some items that I’m particularly interested in seeing how they wear and last. There was also a few items for me as some moms (and non moms) thought it would come in handy in the not too distant future. After sorting and organizing her gifts, I decided that perhaps I would share a few items that we received and excited to use.

*Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase*

So without further adieu…

This is just what I was able to fit onto the bed. Theres diapers boxes, wipes, the dresser, the crib, more clothes, baby monitor, bottle accessories  and nursery organizer that are not pictured.
Sippy Cups, Pre- made swaddle blankets, bath time sets, play mat
Bottles, Nursing cover (serves as car seat  & shopping cart cover as well),  grooming set, lotion and car seat cover.

Now for the items that I’m excited to use:


  1. Honest Company Lotion- Face and body lotion- Dreamy Lavender
  2. Battat Pop Up Pals Cause and Effect Learning Toy for Babies– baby toy 

  3. Bright Starts™ Tummy Time Prop & Play Mat- Target Registry
  4. Butt Paste & Desitin- Target Registry
  5. Philip Avent Bottle Sterilizer
  6. Honest Company Wipes
  7. Water Wipes
  8. MAM Bottles
  9. Avent Bottles
  10. V Tech Audio Monitor– Tested it out and I’m super impressed
  11. Munchkin Bottle Rack
  12. Munchkin Bottle Warmer & Cooler
  13. GO- Car Seat Cover
  14. Carter’s Pacifier
  15. Baby Wrap- Best Baby Carrier by CuddleBug– baby carrier
  16. Aveeno- Baby Essential
  17. Aveeno- Bath Time Essential
  18. Fisher Price – 4-1 Sling n’ Seat Bath Tub
  19. Boogie Wipes
  20. Graco Duet Sway
Honest Company Lotion
One of maybe five toys she has
I’ve heard that it is important for babies to have tummy time and toys to encourage them to be active. I was excited to find a play mat that had both!
Yes, I will be that millennial mom
I never thought I would see the day that I would be excited over some butt cream, but here we are.
Avent Bottle Sterilizer
Honest Company & Water Wipes
MAM & Avent Bottles
Audio Monitor
Bottle Warmer & Cooler
Bottle Rack
Shopping cart cover, carter’s pacifier and teething toy
Baby Wrap
A 2 for 1 special! For mommy and baby girl

Bath Tub

Graco Duet Sway.jpg
Duet Sway

These items were highly recommended by friends who are new moms or have been moms for years. While others were place on my registry out of curiosity. I’m hoping that you enjoyed seeing the pictures as much as I did opening them.

We do have a video YouTube of how our night went and of us opening up the gifts. I’ll put the link below:

As always thank you for reading and being apart of our journey!

*Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase*

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