This time is simply euphoric and as first time parents, you’re more than likely wanting to capture every single moment. Capturing those ephemeral & squishy moments is something you can cherish forever. Thats why, I’m so happy that we were selected to have this photo session ( I have a blog post that goes into details about this prize- How to get Free (or nearly free) Stuff for your baby and yourself).

These pictures were taken a week and half after she was born. We were lucky enough that the photographer was able to come to our apartment instead of having us drive to the studio (I was still in recovery mode and would have been impossible for me to get there without any assistance). In addition, the photographer brought in the props and outfits (except for the pink tutu and pink bow. That was provide by her auntie ). I will admit, I was worried that the photo session would be hectic considering the fact that she was so young. However, Riley turned out to be quite the model! It also helped that I was highly prepared for any emergency that may pop up. Here are some tips in order to have a successful newborn photo session:

  1. Food– This is a must! Newborns are constantly feeding and its best to have the bottle or yourself ready. Pro tip: If you can feed your baby before the session, even better. Full tummies make for happy infants and peacefully sleeping newborns. We did this and for the first hour and half, she was asleep. We did have to feed her during the session, but it was quick and we were able to resume.
  2. Clothing- Ask your photographer if you can incorporate your favorite outfit or a family piece. It’ll add an extra touch to your pictures.Naked babies get cold. One of the more important tips for parents for a successful newborn photo session is keeping the baby warm.
  3. Temperature– Naked babies get cold. One of the more important tips for parents for a successful newborn photo session is keeping the baby warm. If you’re home, keep it as warm as possible and if you’re on location, make sure to dress the baby accordingly.
  4. Get involved– Take a few photos with the baby alone, and then proceed to take some with yourself and your significant other. These are moments that you’ll want to look back once they’re much older.
  5. Patience and positivity– It’s easy to put a lot of pressure on infant photo sessions. You want things to turn out great, but get stressed thinking about all of the unknowns. Children can sense when one is stressed, just take a deep breath, relax, think happy thoughts and let the photographer do what they do best: Capture cherished moments in high-quality photography.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the tips that I’ve provided! Until next time!

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