Postpartum Care Essentials: Tips & Tricks

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Postpartum Essentials



*Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase*

Everyone talks about the hardships of being pregnant, but little to do they mention the difficulties of postpartum recovery. Especially for a C Section. Now, I won’t sit here and say that I was under the false pretense that it would be rainbows and butterflies. However, I was not prepared for how brutal postpartum can be. Your boobs hurt, you can’t poop (and are afraid to poop at that), your exhausted, you can’t sneeze nor cough without wanting to die in the process and you have a tiny human that is in need of your full attention. 

Having the right supplies and help can be essential to your recovery, especially  if you’ve had a C Section. Here are my essential postpartum items that were useful for me and can definitely be useful for you: 

  • Nursing Pads: I can’t stress enough about having nursing pads. I thought it was a fluke about the leaks….nope. I was wrong. Luckily, I had a plethora of nursing pads and different kinds if I may add. I have the washable Bamboobies, the regular non sticky type and the ones the have an adhesive so that you can stick them to your bra. I tried all three and personally I prefer the regular ones. The washable nursing pads get all smelly and doesn’t hold enough to get you through the night. The nursing pads with the adhesive just ok. In theory, it should work because it sticks to your bra, but I found myself adjusting them quite often. 
  • Nursing Bras: In my blog post “Hospital Bag”, I stated that I had purchased various nursing bras. Three are from Walmart ( Nurture by Lamaze) and one of them is from the brand Kindred Bravely. I love them all!!! These ones from walmart are great for those mommies who are on a tight budget and are in needy of these  bad boys. Kindred Bravely is a bit on the pricer side, but I understand why! I purchased the French Terrier Racerback nursing bra and it is just plain amazing. The material is soft, provides easy access for nursing and its super comfortable to sleep in! You can purchase off of their website or if you’re a prime member, off of amazon (I purchased mine off of amazon). 
  • Nipple Cream– Need I say more? This has saved my nipples from cracking horribly and bleeding. I was gifted the Noobie Nipple cream. It is organic and harmless if babies were to digest it (I forgot to wipe it off one and immediately searched online if it was save to digest)
  • Nipple Shield– I had to use one because I’m a rookie at this breastfeeding stuff and didn’t know how to properly have my baby latch on. I was provided one in the hospital and my husband purchased the Medela nipple shield off of Target. 
  • Lactation Teas & Cookies– Truth be told, I’ve had issues with breastfeeding. I’m not producing enough so I’ve had to supplement. Thus, it is why I ventured out to try lactation Teas & Cookies. For a time, i was producing about 2 oz per pump. Then it decreased to less than one ounce. Once I started with teas & cookies ( Booby Boons & Pink Stork )it went back to my regular supply. I will keep everyone posted on them and if they made a difference. I have been recommended to try Milky Momma & Legendary Milk. I will be purchasing one and see how that works out for me. 
  • Poppy Pillow– This was purchased the day after Riley’s birth and thank God it was. I’ve been using it during late night feedings and it has helped ease the pain when sitting for hours!
  • Pads– You’ll be bleeding for a month straight. Theres just no way around it. While I was in the hospital, I stocked up on their maxi pads. At discharge, the nurse provided me with another 2 bags of maxi pad. This was great because I did not have to buy pads at all. Once I ran out of the hospital pads, I used the Always pads that I had from before I was even pregnant. 
  • Mesh underwear– STOCK UP on them. You’ll thank me later.
  • Peri Bottle– Its the only way you’ll be able to clean yourself after going to the bathroom.
  • Medications & Stool softener– Take your pain medications as prescribed and ask for stool softener before leaving the hospital. It helped tremendously as you can’t strain yourself if you have a C Section. Also, I still have hemorrhoids so it was an add bonus to have the stool softener.  
  • Dermaplast– I bought this with the intention of using it in case I tore myself, but since I had a C Section, I used it on scab that developed to due air and water getting into my dressing. Honestly, it helped a lot with its healing and I used it a bit on my C Scar as well. 
  • Arcmate EZ Reacher– THIS… I can’t thank my mom for thinking and providing me with this. Since I couldn’t (probably should’t be) bend down to pick things up, I used this all the time. Something fell on the floor, I got my picker upper. Needed something from the top shelf, I got my picker upper. Best thing ever!
  • Girdle– Now, this may not be an essential for everyone, but for me its a MUST. It has helped with my scar and holding everything in place. Caution- I did not start using one until I was about 4-5 weeks postpartum and my OB had already seen my healing process. So definitely wait and ask your OB before purchasing. I was recommended to try out the Colombian Girdles since they are notorious for the shape they provide and how tight they are. And they’re not kidding. 


Now for the tips and tricks:

  • Rest– You and your significant other will need a lot of rest in order to make through the day. Try to sleep when you can!  I’ll admit that this is hard to do since you’ll also need to eat, shower and handle important issues such as disability, bills, appointments etc. But trust me, sleep will be your best friend. 
  • Food Prep: I knew that we needed to have meals ready because who in their right mind would cook while feeding a newborn? Having meals ready will be one less thing you’ll have to stress about. You can also ask family or guests to bring meals. Which brings me to the next topic.
  • Guests: This will be different for everyone. Some like the company and others would prefer to not have any for the first couple of days. Ask yourself, “are they going to help or are you going to have to entertain them?”. If you’re answer is yes to entertaining them, then you need to really think about whether or not you want them to come over. As I mentioned before, you’re going to need your rest and entertaining guest does not fall under that category. I know that it can be difficult but that is why you can have this conversation with your significant others about this. To be honest, this is where my mom came in handy. She kept me in check and made sure guests didn’t come to the house around the clock.  
  • Mom & other helpers- I can’t thank my mother enough for her help. She came at a time, where I was desperate for help. I was not myself before she arrived and she could tell via our phone conversation. She took care of the cooking, the cleaning, driving to appointments and handling the night feeding so that I and Miguel could sleep. During that time, I felt relief and felt the old me coming back. I now appreciate my mother even more, because I now know the work that went into raising us. And she had no help! I don’t know how she did it, but I am forever in her debt. Bottom line, get help and don’t be afraid to ask for it. It can prevent things from getting worse and it will alleviate some of the workload off of you.

And there you have it! My list of postpartum essential to help you survive and thrive that postpartum life. Please make sure to take care of yourself, listen to your body and enjoy your newborn! Also, let me know what has been helpful in your postpartum recovery.

Millennial and Pregnant 

*Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase*


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