9 Must Have Christmas Bucket List Items

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The holidays always seem to arrive way too quickly, and usually by the time I even think about decorating with boughs of holly it has turned into ‘oh crap’ I have no money left for gifts…ugh! 

How about this year all of us overworked and frazzled procrastinators have a fun plan to keep us on track? A Christmas Bucket List filled with fun things to do can be that plan.

I truly want this holiday season to be special more so for Serenity than for us. I want to create magical memories for her that she can treasure for a lifetime. Plus it’ll help us all get into the Christmas Spirit. 

Christmas in NYC

Nothing screams Christmas like Rockerfeller Center, Bryant Park’s Winter Village, Dyker Heights light show and 5th ave Winter Display. If you’re ever in NYC during the holidays, these are a must! 

Macy’s Display
The famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree
Saks Winter show display


Bryant Park’s Winter Village
Dyker Heights Light Show

Smithpoint & Jones Beach Light Show 

NYC has Dyker Heights, Long Island has Smithpoint and Jones Beach Light Show.

Smithpoint light show
Jones Beach Light Show

Watch a Holiday Movie Favorite

Slip into your comfiest pjs (you know, that fuzzy onesie with the feet), make some popcorn and watch a holiday movie that will get you into the spirit. You can even go one step further and make it a movie marathon. Some of my favorites are:

  •  Home Alone 1 & 2
  •  Grinch Movies (new and old)
  •  Charlie Brown Christmas Movie
  • Rudolph 
  • Santa Claus is coming to Town
Favorite Scene 
Ole Kringle 

Bake Cookies & Drink Hot Cocoa

Who doesn’t like a home filled with the smells of fresh-baked cookies? It doesn’t matter whether it’s snickerdoodles, crinkles or simple sugar cookies, spend an entire day just baking. After you’re done baking, brew up some hot cocoa and call it a night. 

Eat Tamales and Salvadoran Panes (Sandwiches)

In our case, we don’t eat the traditional American Christmas foods. We enjoy our Tamales made of either pureed black beans or with chicken, chick peas& potato stuffing!

Finished tamales are wrapped in foil in order to boil in water so that the maza can harden
Doesn’t this look delicious! As a child I wasn’t a fan, but as an adult… omg give me more!
Each person makes them differently but they all taste delightful! 

Read Christmas Stories to Serenity

I recently bought Serenity A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This is a tradition I want to start with her. Read her a bunch of Christmas stories throughout the holiday season! Plus it helps with my reading skills hahaha

Visit Santa and Take pictures

The classic Santa pictures 

Whether you have a child or are a child at heart (like me!), go to the local mall and get a cute snap of you with good ole Saint Nic. Deep down, I hope Serenity has the same meltdown as the little girl in the picture 😂😂


Coquito is the best thing during this holiday season. I’m not a fan of eggnog, but Coquito….yeah thats my drink! Currently, I have a full bottle in the fridge!

Listen to Christmas Music

A Charlie Brown Christmas’ show 

Christmas music has come a long way over the years—it seems like every major artist has a song or album. Its no longer Baby Its Cold Outside. Now we have a plethora of songs. Anything from Mariah Carey to Michael Bublé.  Create a playlist to your liking and rock out in your car– I sure do! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my Christmas Bucket List for this Holiday Season! Do you create a Christmas bucket list or have any traditions that you like to do? I’d love to hear about them!

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