Riley at 4 months

  • Amazingly enough, she is still wearing size newborns (short & long sleeve shirts only) and is now fitting comfortably 0-3 months or 3 months, although the newborn clothes are getting pretty snug at this point. 
  • Naps are non existent at this point. She is currently in Day Care and if she sleeps more than 30 minutes, its a miracle. This is because she is surrounded by kids older than her (10 months and up…Yes, she is youngest at the facility) and she rather watch, play and laugh with them than to go to sleep! Once she comes home, she’ll take a 2-4 hour nap, which messes up her sleeping schedule.   Which brings me to the next bullet point. 
  • Goes to bed anywhere from 8 p.m to 11 p.m. and sleeps for about 2-4 hours. Yes, she is going through a sleep regression and I don’t know when she’ll go back to sleeping 5+ hours. I was happy to leave the newborn stage, but it has come back and has a pain in my ass. 
  • Still smiling a ton, but now she is starting to full blown laugh…they’re small but it’s adorable!  
  • She is quite the chatter box. If we aren’t paying attention or she perceives we aren’t giving her enough, she will let us know! 
  • We try to give her as much tummy time as possible, but honestly, she has been able to pick up her head since the day she was evicted from my womb. She is not getting better control of her head so there aren’t as many head butts as before. 
  •  We’ve had an off again and on again reading schedule. Between work, trying to the hit the gym, cook etc, I’m simply too tired to read. I know I HAVE to make time for this as it is vital for her development.  
  • She is still eating anywhere from 5 to 6 ounces.
  • Since she was a few days old, she has been able to push herself with her legs. As she has gotten older, this skill of hers has gotten extremely powerful. I have to keep her strapped at all times on the swing or else she literally push herself up and twist. Girlfriend is so ready to turn, its not even funny.
  • Lastly, she is starting to hold her bottle! My heart just can’t take it!

Upcoming events

  • Four month medical appointment and shots
    • I pray that she doesn’t get a fever this time.
  • Christmas and New Years!

Day to Day:

Our routine has drastically changed since the last update and that’s because I went back to work. So now, instead of us sleeping and eating breakfast at 11 am. We are now waking up at around 5 or 6 am (depending on the hour I’ll go back to sleep- I have an alarm for 7 am) and getting ready. I try to wake up before but sometimes she’s up before me or we wake up at the same time. On rare occasions, I’ve woken up before her. Thats when I take of advantage of this and simply get ready and try to have breakfast at home. However, this doesn’t happen everyday. I’ve had to forgo eating at home and just taking breakfast on the go. This is usually means I make my own protein shake or have one of those pre made ones at work.

She’ll usually have a bottle before leaving the house, but not always. She used to sleep on the car ride there, but even that is non existent. I honestly don’t know if it’s normal or if she’s going through some sleep regression. Hopefully she’ll go back to sleeping 5-6 hours straight soon! As per the day care owner, my daughter loves to stay awake so that she can watch the older kids play. At times, she’ll have tummy time which she helps her engage with the others (even if she’s to young to even play with them). I swear to you, my kid thinks she’s older than 4 months 😭 

Eventually we’ll start introducing solids, so stay tuned for that fun segment! P.S. Perhaps in my next blog post or so I can share my favorite and my not so favorite baby items.

All in all, it’s been fun watching her grow. Hopefully in the next update, she’ll be sitting on her own and sleeping more!

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