How To Deal With Postpartum Hair Loss

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image 1-25-19 at 9.57 pm
Hair- 2 months postpartum

First and foremost, postpartum hair loss is normal. It’s annoying, but completely normal -and for the most part, should be expected after pregnancy. In some cases, it can be extreme- as if it isn’t enough to be dealing with the new body changes after having a baby, feeling like you are going to be bald doesn’t exactly boost one’s self esteem!

Two nights ago…

I dread showering and brushing my hair.  I end up with so much hair in my comb or in my hand it was depressing and most of all, frustrating. Which is why I brought this topic up to my  nutritionist attention and she gave some tips on how to deal with postpartum hair loss.

  1. Supplements & Vitamins- You were taking them during your pregnancy, so why not take them after? This was actually recommended by nutrionist as it is packed with alot nutrients that promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails. Caution:   If you are breastfeeding,  speak with your doctor before starting any new vitamins or regiments.
  2. Less washing, more dry shampoo-  Now I’m not saying go two weeks without washing, but washing your hair every day is not good for it either. Doing so, you strip your of its natural oils and you end up with dry and brittle hair. One the days you don’t want wash your hair, do a bun (a messy bun if you like), braids etc. These types of dos work best with  “dirty” hair, so give it a whirl!
  3. Cut it out- I know that you’re trying to keep your hair intact, and the last thing you want is a trim. It feels like you’re going backwards, I get it. But healthy, fresh cut ends are the key to preventing breakage and giving your hair the best chance to grow out. Truth be told, I’ve been at this myself, but I’m making an effort to change that.
  4. Brush Right- Hopefully you’re brushing your hair from the ends up and from the roots down. Always start at your ends and work your way up. I used to think this method was BS…until I tried it and realize that it wasn’t.  You need to work any tangles you have out at your ends first, if your starting at the top, I can guarantee you’re pulling out healthy hair, causing more hair loss and tangles.
  5. Eating Habits– Another tip from nutritionist is to incorporate salmon, nuts and seeds, and spinach into my daily eating habits. They’re packed with the protein and omega-3 fatty acids that you need for hair health and growth. Not to mention that these types of food will help out with your weight loss journey! A two for one deal!

I pray that my hair stops falling out, but that could be anywhere from next month or until Serenity is one…so I’ll have to be patient.

I hope you find these tips helpful. What do you do to help with postpartum hair loss?

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