Ever decided to not spend money or not shop at a certain store because it is a money pit for you (mine is Target). Ever told yourself that you wouldn’t touch those credit cards?

If you haven’t and you’ve been struggling with money (I’ve been vocal about and have two blog posts talking about this topic: 2 Personal Finance Books You Need To Read In Your 20 and The Pregnant Millennial is A Broke Millennials . I was even a guest author on the Broke Millennial Blog’s. I recommend you three all three), then you should probably consider freezing your spending for a few days in order reset your finances and generate some savings .

I’ve decided to this and so February has become a “No Spend Month”. I did a little research, and there are a plethora of different rules people set for themselves. Some folks simply gave up eating out, while others went completely cold turkey and didn’t buy a darn thing. In the end, I determined that I would need to be held accountable for my “No Spend Month”, and so I joined the Broke Millennial No Spend Month Challenge Facebook group. The group is just to state what you’ve decided were acceptable spending items (such as rent, utilities, loans etc) and which were not acceptable (eating out, shopping, amazon, Starbucks etc).

You make your own rules and abide them.

For me, my prohibited items are: shopping, amazon, Starbucks, Target (unless buying formula), books, makeup and eating out more than once. Now, I’m not going to sit here and pretend that things will go flawlessly. But I’m putting my best effort into getting straight with finances. My main purpose in setting these rules was to find a balance between frugality and sanity. Some people might be able to give up more, and I salute them! It’s all about what works best for you.

Towards the end of the month, I’ll give you guys the highlights of my “No Spend Month”.

Let me know if you guys have ever done a No Spend Month challenge and how it worked out for you.

Pregnant Millennial

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