Riley’s 6 months Cake Smash
She wasn’t a fan on the sling

Riley at 6 months

  • CRAWLING! She has been on the move since she was 4 months old, but now, she officially one step closer to walking! I can’t believe it myself.
  • Riley is now wearing 6 months clothing article. On occasions she’ll wear 3-6 months and sometime 3 months pants. However, I’ve decided to start using bigger size pants because I did notice that they are not too short for her. What did I do with all of the clothes you ask? I donated them to her baby cousin who is on the way! It saves the parents money and it creates space in our household. Plus, it makes me feel better that they weren’t thrown away or not being used.
  • She now naps on the way home from Day Care. The amount of time that she spends sleeping varies daily, but its anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. I don’t let her sleep anymore than that or else she won’t go to bed at night.
  • Since Miguel has left, two new habits have been formed. One of them being, that she no longer likes to sleep in her crib. Any time I even think of placing her in the crib, she starts to cry hysterically! She usually falls asleep in our bed anywhere from 8-10 on a good day. On a bad day its anywhere from 9pm-12 am, but we haven’t had many of those. Riley only wakes up once and its usually around 3 or 4 am. So I say thats progress. Now, if only I could just go to sleep on time. Then we would be set!
  • She is still quite vocal. but now you can clearly hear her say da da… yeah not mama but dada. I guess I have to wait my turn.
  • I recently bought her the puzzle mats and she loves it! It gives the space to crawl, lay down, play and above all smack her hands on the ground. I honestly, should have gotten them sooner, but I could not find them anywhere! Luckily this past weekend, I saw a lady coming out of Target with them so I immediately bought it.
  • With all of the new changes, I will admit that I have not been reading to her at all. However, I’ve been singing and playing nursery rhymes for her. Which seems to enjoy, especially Baby Shark.
  • She is still eating anywhere from 5 to 6 ounces, but on occasion she will drink 8oz of milk.
  • Riley no longer fits in her swing set. So its safe to say that I can either donate it to my brother who is having a baby boy at the end of the month or baby girl cousin. Either way, its going to be used all over again.
  • She is eating solids. I’m only offering her veggies at this point because I want her to love them first before I introduce sweets to her. I have given her fruits but her solids are most veggies and so far she loves them. No food aversions as of yet.
  • Lastly, she has her own little chair and table to sit in. She enjoys as it giver her a view of the eating area and her own space.

Upcoming events

  • Her cousin’s 1st birthday party (yeah she has a lot of cousins. Saying that we have a HUGE family is an under statement.
  • Broke Millennial Book Tour
  • Miguel’s Basic Graduation.

Day to Day:

Our routine has once again drastically changed since the last update. Miguel is off in bootcamp, which means that for the time being, I’m technically a single mom. I drop her off and pick her up day care daily. I take her to her appointments and make sure she has everything that she needs. So this means, I’m now waking up earlier than before in order to get everything ready and drop her off. Some days are better than others, but I’m sure we’ll get it together. What is really tough to deal with is the fact that Miguel is not here to see her reach new milestones. I’ve been documenting and texting him as much as possible (even though I know the military confiscated his phone for the time being) but its not the same.

There times that I breakdown but remember that its only for a weeks and that soon it’ll all be over with.

Perhaps by the next update, she’ll be walking and we’ll have already visited Miguel for his graduation.


Millennial and Pregnant

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