Wow I have not blogged in forever! Lately my life has been chaotic and rather unpredictable. However, I always had this urge to keep blogging. I just haven’t been able to find the time to sit down and write. If I’m not taking care of Riley, I’m either falling dead asleep on whatever surface I find, at work fighting to keep my eyes open, at the gym trying to stay healthy or film videos for my YT channel. Usually, thats in between naps, sleep and any time that I find available. I wish there was more hours in the day in order to do everything that I would like to, but alas I try to make due with what I have.

There are plenty of exciting things in the horizon. For one, Miguel’s Basic Graduation is coming up! I honestly can not wait to see him, even if it is for two days. I can only imagine how that moment will be like. These weeks without him have been arduous, both physically and emotionally. But at the same time, it has shown me my strength in handling things. I’ve become even more resourceful due to mainly relying on myself (with the exception of our families and friends. There have been moments that our family members and friends has pulled me out of a pickle or two. And for that I am truly grateful).  Though this has been a period of enlightenment, I’m ready to see my husband again. Well knowing, that it’ll be another couple of months before we’re living together again.

The weekend after Miguel’s graduation is Mother’s Day here in the States. My very first Mother’s Day, where I am actually a mom. I plan to spend it with my family and maybe buy myself a well deserving present. In between these events, my closest friend will be celebrating her birthday and my cousin will be in town. Which is always fun as he makes do things we’ve never done before.

The second biggest event coming up is Serenity’s Birthday. The fact that she’ll be one is mind boggling.  It wasn’t that long ago, that I had given birth to her. But here we are. She will be 8 months this week. We are discussing what type celebration we want to have for her. We may even celebrate it a month before her actual birthday as there is a high possibly that Miguel won’t be with us. I want us to be together for this joyous event and so I’ll be planning away in order to have a special celebration.

It is currently 11:59 pm and I should be probably head off to bed since I lack sleep every day. Writing this post has been fun and I hope to post often again.

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Thank you guys for reading this and I hope you all  continue to show us support!


Millennial and Pregnant.

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